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Black-Owned Brides is devoted to helping tumblr readers cut through the clutter of bad, random and repetitive interracial porn. We aim to present a comprehensive, multimedial selection of interracial erotica focused on hot white women -- particularly wives and brides and particularly in bridal lingerie -- being sexed up by strong and virile black males.

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Your Good Morning Black-Owned Bride:

It was the morning after their wedding night, the newlyweds were up early; the groom had ordered room service, made the bed and taken a quick shower. After all, he was hoping she would finally allow him to officially consummate their vows since she’d been too worn and stretched out from the pounding by her main black stud the previous evening. It had been frustrating, because all the groom had gotten was a creamy midnight snack from between her thighs after he left.

But the knock on the door wasn’t room service with their champagne breakfast: It was her black stud again who said he had some unfinished business with the bride. She submissively — and a little too eagerly, her new husband thought — agreed to don her veil and bridal lingerie again, as her stud ordered. Then, as the groom helplessly looked on, her black master was soon forcing his huge dick deep into his bride’s virginal ass, which he’d thoughtlessly neglected to possess the night before.

Only moments after the groom watched his bride cumming violently, spasming repeatedly, as her tiny, tight asshole was pumped full of a massive load of his nigger seed for the first (but not last) time, room service arrived. The three of them then had a celebratory breakfast-in-bed, although the groom licked and sucked a warm liquid meal from his bride’s violated asshole while she sat on his face and shared the champagne with her black lover.

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